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Rach Michael

Recognised Expert

Recognised SourceBottle subscriber. Holder of an Expert Profile with contact details/backgrounder.

Newcastle NSW
Authorised Marriage Celebrant
Authorised Funeral Celebrant
Advanced Diploma Hospitality Management
20+ years in specialist event industries
Celebrant / Event Planner / Educator / Founder / Writer / Rule Breaker
Funeral Celebrant - It’s a specialist job & it’s not for everyone! Over 10 years of being a funeral celebrant & having spent thousands of hours with hundreds of families prepare a funeral for their loved ones I realised the importance of leaving a legacy for the people we leave behind after we die.

Marriage Celebrant - Flip to the happy side of being a celebrant & you get weddings. What do you need to do to get married? It’s surprising how little it actually takes & I’m happy to share the secrets.

Event Specialist - Most people have never planned a big (and incredibly personal) event so are overwhelmed when they start to plan their wedding, lost in the process, and stressed on the day. As an event specialist & celebrant I demystify the process, destress my couples & cut out the crap they don’t need.
Celebrant – planning officiating funerals and weddings

Event planning

Leaver of lasting legacies
Learning & educating

Travel & holiday experiences

Spotting business opportunities & starting businesses

Reading & writing but not arithmetic
I started in the restaurant & event industry 30+ years ago & loved it. I still do, but I wouldn’t work in hospo now for love nor money, because there’s not much of either to be had. It used to be a profession and now, at best it seems to be a way to pay the bills whilst you’re on the path to your dreams.

Having lost 7 people in my family in 7 years and delivered eulogies at 3 of their funerals my first celebrant ‘gig’ was leading the funeral of another family member. Spending your workdays in the death industry can be pretty heavy, but the flip side is weddings, where there’s plenty of elation.

I still do events but in my own way.

Have you planned your funeral? Have you written your eulogy? It’s actually a thing.

Have you ever had to arrange someone else's funeral? What do you do when you’ve got no idea where to start – and you’re grieving?

Ever planned a wedding? It’s dreamy & romantic on the surface but that disappears quickly when you start talking budgets & timelines & tiny details. There's actually an art to throwing rose petals!

Through a life of event management, way too many family & friends dying on me, and my love of a great party, I help people do all these things & come out feeling better for it. Yes, you can laugh at a funeral, and you can come out feeling better, even when you’ve been through one of the hardest times in your life. Yes, you can write your own memoirs or eulogy and I’m helping people pave the way & do it.