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Irene Becker

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Melbourne, Australia
Masters in Education, Bachelor in Business.
CEO - in home care
A marketing and business professional with a strong track record in building brands from a distant number two to a clear category leader. I have managed brands worth hundreds of millions and have taken my expertise to solve a problem close to my heart! Childcare crisis and lack of a 'village' in a modern woman's life.

Now I run Australia's best-rated, multi-award-winning Au Pair agency that not only helps busy working women to find flexible childcare help, but also set them up to be the leader and mentor for the next generation of young people by sharing her work ethic, life style and lessons learnt with her Au Pairs.
Au pair, childcare crisis, housing crisis
Working Women's issues
With nearly two decades of corporate experience working across three countries I have experienced nearly every facet of a woman’s life in corporate.

I have been a feminist before she knew what that word meant. When I heard I may not climb on trees because "boys may look under your dress" (sexism at its best), I started campaigning for my parents to get pants for me (girls did not wear pants in the 80s in Sowjet Union). After all 'good girl' tools failed, I succeeded by eventually rebelling and 'accidentally tearing all my dresses'!

Coming from a country where my parents would earn a monthly salary of about $40 a month and not get paid for months - she was hungry for all the opportunities I could get my hands on.

I was the first from my generation to study, graduated from with a double degree in Education and Business Administration (a first to get to do that) from a university in Germany, and also studied in Australia and Russian Federation. I was the first to receive a full Business scholarship as an Pedagogy student. I speak fluent Russian, German and English, and continues to learn Hindi and French.

When working in corporate for worlds biggest brands (SAP, KraftHeinz etc.) across multiple continents I felt that she had to hide the fact that I was a mother to be taken seriously or even apply for the high achiever jobs. Seeing that the burden of care and financial sacrifices are still to the large degree made by women leading to catastrophic consequences, I had to do something about it.

Whilst working full time and expecting my second child I launched 99aupairs - a social enterprise with the mission to help busy working mothers to get flexible help support them with their childcare needs. Now instead of growing and managing $150 mil dollar brands, I know make a dent in family families lives and support women to become successful in their careers.

My team and I are on a mission to address two major crises that most people are wrestling with: The housing crisis and the childcare crisis. We do this with our new program called GYMPY (Gap Year Mentorship Program for Youth) - by matching young people who are wanting to move out from home with host families who need additional support with their kids.

Young people that first living out of home experience, without the huge price tag of renting. And families get the needed out-of-hours care that the current childcare system simply does not offer. Irene explains the new program.

I have been featured on Channel 7 news, twice and continue to advocate for the need of a modern family to rebuild their ‘village’. I have a reputation of challenging the status quo (male Au Pairs are just as fantastic at caring for your children and keeping the kitchen tidy).