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Danielle Johansen

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Advanced Diploma in Fashion
Personal Fashion Stylist
For over a decade I've worked in the fashion industry, from design to buying to product development. I had a shift into tech and discovered a deep passion for it. In 2019 I found a way to combine the two, by developing Australia’s first online and shipped-to-your-door personal fashion styling service. I tested and tweaked the service on family and friends and shipped Threadicated’s first parcel (of clothing, shoes, and accessories) from my North Sydney apartment in 2019. Since then, I’m blessed to say we have done a successful capital raise, raising $500,000 from outside investors, with that, we have developed our own unique advanced fit and style technology. And we have grown our team to an amazing group of dedicated stylists styling men and women all across Australia, from the comfort of their homes.

Personal Style, Fashion, AI (artificial intelligence), Subscriptions, Business, Raising Capital
Fashion, wine, food, decor, pottery.
While working in the tech industry, I had a yearning to be back in fashion. The fashion industry is not all glitz and glam, but I must say it is a bit more glitzy than tech. I found myself at a career crossroads, ready for fashion again, but not ready to give up on my new passion for tech and data. So, I set out to combine the two.

I'd had family and friends call me in tears from the change room at their local Westfield because something they were trying on wouldn’t fit; or stressed out while they are deep in their wardrobe "with nothing to wear". I soon realised being able to help people develop their unique personal style was going to be the key to combing fashion, data and tech.

So, I created Australia’s first online and shipped to your door personal fashion styling service. We developed our advanced fit and style technology and have grown our dedicated team of experienced stylists, to create a never-before-seen styling experience in Australia. As we are online-only we are able to style customers all around the country and quite literally have; from Uluru to Ulladulla. Our unique technology means this is no longer a service reserved for celebrities and the uber rich, our personal fashion styling service cost less than a family takeaway.