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Susie Taaffe

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Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical)
Masters of Applied Finance
Founder of Missy Massy - Ending the Body Shame Cycle
Maternity Clothing and Underwear Designing, Manufacturing and Wholesaling
Project Engineering and Management - Large Scale Above Ground Gas Procurement & Construction
Single Mother of Three Kids!
Engineering Process and Construction, Fashion Design and Manufacturing, Finance, Small Business, Start-ups
Fashion Design and Styling
My Kids, Coffee, Cocktails & Cooking
Skiing or the beach - depends on the season!
The average Australian Woman is a size 14-16 - the majority of these women will experience chafing between their legs when wearing skirts and dresses. This was me and it is extremely painful. If you don't know what chafe feels like a) lucky you and b) it feels like you are wearing a pair of shoes a size too small - each step wincing as you walk along! I couldn't find a comfortable everyday solution - so I created one.

Being an Engineer I am used to piecing together solutions, together with my maternity clothing manufacturing background I created my product Petti-pants - like a Petti-coat but for your legs. Back in the day, the French Petti-coat was soft and silky which invoked feelings of being beautiful and feminine, so I have taken this concept and turned it into everyday underwear. Taking away the pain AND shame of chafe. An ugly word, but a common problem. For my customers, this product has literally changed their lives.

This is just the first of many products I plan to create for women as tools to FEEL amazing in themselves everyday. My mission is to find pain points for women and to solve them. Designing maternity clothing for five years, for a body that changes so much in 9 months has given me extensive experience in creative solutions which help women feel amazing. Feeling comfortable is key - both physically AND emotionally.

I have two daughters so I'm extremely passionate about healing body image issues for women. If we can heal the mothers, we can prevent the cycle from repeating. I don't want my daughters growing up counting. Counting calories, carbs, minutes on the treadmill, numbers on the scale - it's exhausting and all consuming. I am an activist for loving the body you are in right now - no matter what!