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Max Phelps

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Author of 'Getting Your Money $hit Together'
B.A. Economics (honours)
Diploma Financial services (Mortgage broking)
Diploma Financial Services (Financial Planning)
Post Graduate Certificate of Education (Maths)
Money Coach & Mortgage Broker
14 years in Finance as Mortgage Broker, Financial Planner and now Money Coach.
2 years High School Maths Teacher
15 years in Sales and Marketing with a multi-national, across 5 cities in 4 countries.
Facebook: lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Ad_flagship3_profile_view_base_contact_details%3BOXWVMRWtRRqXUZcTg7i7uA%3D%3D
The psychology of money, and the connection between life goals and money management
property and mortgages.
Psychology - reading books and studies, especially connected to money.
Property - I could lose a day researching, calculating and planning for the next possible purchase.
Spreadsheets - I love a good formula, or 25!
Singing, especially live band Karaoke.
Playing football (sometimes called soccer by mistake).
Helping others - sponsored two orphaned students through University in Zimbabwe.
The Global Goals for Sustainable Development, especially education, through B1G1.
Comedy, especially Monty Python and observational humour from stand-up comedians.

I've always assumed I would die young, but planned in case I didn't. My dad had his first heart attack at 48, and a quadruple bypass at 54. Thankfully he survived until 76, but at reduced capacity from his mid 60's. He always dreamed of travelling the world when he retired, but the only travelling he did was to visit me, when I lived in Thailand, Vietnam and Australia and none after he retired. His heart problems made me determined to keep myself fit and healthy, live life without regrets, enjoy travel every year, but build wealth to have the option of retiring young.

At 21, I met my wife and started a family in our first year together. Although I had a job with a multi-national, living in UK, Sydney, Brisbane, Bangkok and Saigon, on rapidly rising income, we were terrible with money and it took us over a decade to figure things out and start our journey to financial freedom.

After a couple of years as a high school maths teacher, I found my true calling, as a value-added mortgage broker, helping adults to manage money and invest in property. Helping others before I die and leaving a legacy for my grandson, is what drives me, to make the knowledge available that I never had when I was younger, to as many people as possible.

At 46, with 15 rental properties, we hit the point where I had the option to retire. That same year our first grandchild was born and while my wife took a step back from the business, I kept doing the work that I love - helping people create their forever right now.

I'm lucky enough to have had a great life and wouldn't have few regrets if I died tomorrow. I know that a great life starts with a great life plan, so for as long as I draw breath, I'll be helping other people to create their own plans to both enjoy life while they can and set themselves up for a confident future.

When I take a break, it’s to travel with the love of my life and partner for thirty one years, Kelly, taking our 3rd round-world trip in 2022. I still play competitive football (over 35's soccer), cycle or walk the 6km to work each day and love getting on-stage, to sing modern songs that defy my age, at Karaoke. On alternate Fridays I spend time with my grandson, Matthew, who is now 8.

I'm a vegan, who hasn't had a drink in over 30 years, but only because it suits me and not to judge others.