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Adam Guthrie

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Byron Bay
* Professional Chef
* Certificate In Plant-Based Nutrition
* Heart attack survivor
* Ironman Triathlon
* Transformed health: I lost 35kg, got off meds, completed and ironman triathlon.
* 30 yrs as a vegetarian.
* Over 10yrs living whole food plant-based vegan.
* Over 30 years experience teaching and conducting plant-based cooking classes.
* Over 3 years experience running plant-based retreats.
* Over 10 years experience as a keynote speaker.
* Keynote Speaker: Bali & Adelaide Vegan Festivals.
* Keynote Speaker: Doctors For Nutrition Symposiums.
* Keynote Speaker: Wellness Retreats.
* Plant-Based Talks & Cooking Classes Green School Bali.
* Love Food Hate Waste Talks & Classes Local Councils.
* Podcasts & Radio Interviews: Osher Gunsberg, Plant Proof Podcasts and ABC radio.
* Regular recipe writer and contributor to Nourish Magazine and EatWell Magazine.
* Owned and operated two plant-based cafes.
* Coached thousands of people to lose weight, gain energy and feel great again via the I Feel Good Plant-Based Program.
* Health transformations:
- weight loss
- lower blood pressure
- lower cholesterol
- lower blood sugar
- increased energy and happiness

* Keynote speaking: Plant-based lifestyle, cooking and nutrition.
* Cooking classes and demonstrations (Plant-Based)
* Recipe Creator (Plant-Based)
* Food Styling (Plant-Based)
* Food Photographer (Plant-Based)
* Food Writer (Plant-Based)
After a heart attack at age 39, I realised my mortality, my perspective on life changed. I now know life is short and that we could literally die tomorrow,. So why wait to do the things we love? This is what I love:
* Meditating
* Time with family and friends
* Yoga
* Surfing
* Swimming
* Walking
* Cycling
* Traveling
* Camping
* Working Out
* Cooking
* Teaching
* Inspiring and empowering others to live a life they love
* Spending time pausing in gratitude
In 2009, at age 39, I found myself obese and had a heart attack while surfing.

I need to change and discovered a book and a documentary where plant-based doctors and patients made a compelling argument that eating a whole food plant-based diet could reverse heart disease.

I immediately went whole food plant-based but shared many common fears of others in this position: Will I go hungry eating only plants? Will it be bland and boring? Will I get enough protein, calcium and iron? How can I eat this way even if my family don't want to? What about eating out and socialising? Will I be able to make this way of eating sustainable?

By applying my chef skills, studying a certificate in plant-based nutrition and learning from plant-based doctors. I was able to in a very short period of time, reverse heart disease, lose 35kg, no longer need meds and finished an Ironman Triathlon. It has forever altered the course of my life.

Lots of friends came to me wanting to turn their lives around too, so in 2017 I created the I Feel Good Program. It's an online program that teaches you how to eat plant-based for better health, more energy and weight loss. You have access to 500+ fast delicious recipes, easy cooking classes, coaching calls and a positive community to support you on your journey.

The I Feel Good Program has now helped transform the health and lives of thousands of people who were overweight or obese, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, IBS and other gut health issues.