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Marcus Pearce

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Byron Bay
Host - 100 Not Out - Australia's longest-running podcast on longevity (500+ eps)

Best-selling author - Your Exceptional Life

Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) RMIT - 2002
Longevity Coach, Speaker & Author. Host of 100 Not Out, Australia's longest-running podcast on longevity. I help people make the REST of their life the BEST of their life.
For many years I was a Red Bull-guzzling cigarette-smoking workaholic journalist. I then fell in love with a health professional and became a teatotalling raging vegan - think shaving with raw avocado type raging - and thankfully I'm now somewhere back in the middle.

Whilst working at The Footy Show at Channel 9 my nickname transformed from MP to Mung Bean.

In 2010 I decided to investigate and research what impact veganism would have on my longevity. I believed I had found the fountain of youth and longevity. How wrong I was!

Since 2012 I've interviewed over 200 of the world's centenarians, health experts and icons of humanity on what it takes to live an exceptional life. Many of those interviews were done on my podcast 100 Not Out, which is still running today.

I've learnt that diet is not the fountain of youth, that movement trumps diet for longevity, and that our attitude to our future and ageing will either give us or take away 7.5 years of good living.

Each year I take a small group of enthusiasts to the Greek Island Blue Zone of Ikaria - aka The Island Where People Forget To Die - to host the 100 Not Out Longevity Experience. We live with the locals, eat their food, drink their wine, and dance like there's no tomorrow at their festivals.

I've distilled my years of research into the bestselling book, Your Exceptional Life: Make The Rest of Your Life, and spend my time speaking to audiences and travelling the world helping people "make the rest of your life the best of your life".
Longevity & Ageing Well

Life Design - How to win in each area of life (and not just one or two)

Diet v Exercise

Diet v Social Life

Blue Zones

Busting health myths
I'm a mad Melboune Demons fan!

I love spending time with my beautiful wife, Sarah, and four children Maya, Darby, Tommy and Spencer.

I love books, movies, French, piano, travel, food, wine and socialising with exceptional people.
Australia sits 8th on the World Health Organisation’s most recent longevity ladder - but that’s where the good news stops.

The same findings show Australia plummets to 21st on the WHO’s quality of life ladder, with more than 12 years spent in morbidity - increased medications, hospitalisations, chronic disease and years spent in nursing homes.

The average male today lives for 81.3 years but only 70.2 of them are what the WHO calls healthy. For women, the average lifespan is 84.8 years with only 71.7 of them considered healthy.

We say we live in the ‘Lucky Country’ but who really wants 10+ years of nursing homes, side effects and medical appointments? No one I speak to does, but so many believe it’s a ‘normal part’ of ageing, which is fundamentally wrong.

Having interviewed over 200 of the world’s most graceful agers, health professionals and icons of humanity, it is clear that -

Diet is not the fountain of youth
Exercise is more important than diet for longevity and ageing well
Social life is more important than diet for longevity
And perhaps most importantly, our poor attitude towards getting older (no matter what age we are) reduces our lifespan by a whopping 7.5 years

I spend my time travelling, researching, writing and sharing the principles of longevity and life design so that people can truly make the rest of their life the best of their life.